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Contact Information:
Teton Grill Company
3880 Fourth Avenue East
Shakopee, Minnesota 55379

Toll Free: 877-508-3866
Fax: 763-544-4100
Teton Grill Company was founded to create products that resonate with outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. It’s simple; we create authentic lifestyle products with the quality, insight and respect worthy of life’s greatest passions.

In a world today where products often do not live up to their owners desire for reliable quality and where the lowest price often means the lowest value – Teton was born to be different.

Our slogan – “living at its peak” is meant to convey a difference in look and identity. The Teton Mountains symbolize our companies vision of creating quality grilling and outdoor products that are simply awe inspiring.

We like to think that connecting peoples passion for outdoor living – in whatever shape or form - is our calling. For us, grilling is not a quick run outdoors to burn a steak but rather a chance to enjoy the essence of grilling – a trip outside to commune with others and to inhale all of the aromas of the outdoors.

Whether you are a rancher in big sky country or a deer hunter in the pan handle of Florida; or perhaps you are someone who just simply loves the American eagle and the idea of all that that majestic symbol means to proud Americans – it’s our joy to make quality lifestyle products that represent those passions.

Sure, the neighbor might have a standard hunk of metal on his deck for grilling that he thinks is a pretty good grill. No problem. But a Teton customer wants to stand out from the rest in celebrating his love for the outdoors every time he walks to the grill and just stares at its rare and unconventional beauty.

Here’s to those who are “living at its peak”!
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