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Contact Information:
Teton Grill Company
3880 Fourth Avenue East
Shakopee, Minnesota 55379

Toll Free: 877-508-3866
Fax: 763-544-4100
General Information
All Teton Grill Company customers must register their grill with Teton Grill Company within 14 days after purchase. Simply register your purchase by completing and submitting the information through the easy to use registration form found on this site or by completing the registration form found in the rear of the grill user’s manual provided with each grill. Our mailing address is:

Teton Grill Company
3880 Fourth Avenue East
Shakopee, Minnesota 55379

Your registration must include the serial number found on the rear of each grill. This serial number is located next to the ETL label.

Should you lose your user’s manual, you can either download or print another copy from a pdf file of the model you own which can be found on this site in the customer service section.

Warranty Summary
Stainless steel burners 3-years
Cooking grids 2-years
Stainless steel exterior parts 2-years
Flame tamers 2-years
Ignitor assemblies 2-years

Warranty Claim Process
Should you believe that you have a warranty claim for a grill registered with teton, please send an e-mail with your name, address, phone number, grill model and a description or specific part number of the effected part to:


You may also call the Teton Grill Company customer service line to make a claim at:


Out of Warranty Part(s) Need
If your grill is out of warranty and you need a replacement part, you can find a parts list on this site or in the user’s manual. All non-warranty parts orders are processed as credit card orders and will carry additional shipping and handling charges.

Complete Warranty Information
Full details and restrictions of Teton Grill Company’s limited warranty is found in each user manual. Please see this manual for all terms, conditions and restrictions.

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